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Your Stone Chip Repair Expert in Prince Albert

6th Avenue Car Wash & Auto Glass has a long history of providing outstanding customer service to motorists needing stone chip repairs. We know how common it is for rocks and pebbles to fly at high speeds into your windshield – leaving small divots in their wake. You shouldn’t ignore these chips, as they could reduce the structural integrity of your windshield. Fortunately, we do not require appointments for our rock chip repair services. Experience the convenience of stone chip repairs 7 days a week at 6th Avenue Auto Glass. Stone chips won’t wait …Drive in and get that stone chip repaired today.

two people replacing windshield

Our Exclusive Windshield Repair Warranty Saves You Money

We are the only windshield replacement shop in Prince Albert offering a lifetime stone chip repair warranty. That’s right when you purchase our Windshield Repair Warranty it covers you for a Lifetime of stone chip repairs on that vehicle. It is exclusive to 6th Avenue Auto Glass is and ideal for all vehicle owners. We live in Saskatchewan and stone chips are inevitable. $99.95 plus fees/taxes and you are covered for any stone chip repair on that vehicle. Stop by today and get those chips fixed quick and ask how we can save you money.

person repairing windshield

Why You Should Always Get Rock Chips Repaired Fast

Most rock chip repairs are zero deductible with a glass package policy, and fixing that stone chip won’t take long, approximately 30 minutes. We know many motorists ignore the chip on their windshield, because its just another thing to add to the long to do list, but waiting may cost you more in the long run.

The Benefits of Our Services Include

Cost Savings

Stone chip repairs are usually no charge with a package policy! More importantly, these chips may spread quickly. At that point, you may need a windshield replacement. It is best to fix those chips today before it becomes a total replacement.


The service time for stone chip repair is usually less than 30 minutes! Do you work away or don’t have time to get to that chip fixed during the week…no problem stop by on the weekend. We’re your best source for time-saving windshield repair.


Chips are more dangerous than they seem. If a chip becomes a crack, this crack can compromise the safety of your vehicle. Your windshield is the back stop to your vehicles air bags and when your windshield is compromised so may the safety of your vehicle in a collision or roll over.

No-Stress Services for Our Busy Customers

We aim to make your life easier – no matter what you need from our team. That’s why we offer various services many others do not. For instance, we provide free in-town shuttle services, stress-free insurance claim processing, and competitive pricing. If you require more than minor chip repair, we provide glass replacement using industry-standard glass. We are also invested in our community and donate 10 percent of all stone chip repairs to our Exclusive community project, Chips for Charity.

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