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6th Avenue Car Wash & Auto Glass is proud to be one of the most comprehensive and varied detailing and car washing companies in Prince Albert, SK. Windshields, detailing, rust protection, engine shampoo, side mirror replacement, floor mats, wipers, and Aquapel glass treatments all fall under our umbrella of services. With a focus on premium customer service and a dedication to top-flight products, there’s no risk to working with our team. More importantly, we have the experience and expertise to handle whatever you ask of our team, ensuring peak customer satisfaction. Visit our shop today to learn why the region trusts our team thoroughly.

window tint on a car

We Pride Ourselves on Our Range of Services

No matter what you require from our team members, you can receive outstanding customer service and professionalism. We listen carefully to your needs and implement the solutions your vehicle needs. If you come to us for stone chip repair but feel you need more, we can help.

auto detailing service on a car or truck

Our Additional Services

  • Headlight Restoration: Foggy headlights are dangerous to you and other motorists, but you don’t need to replace them to fix the problem. We offer headlight restoration, which will solve the problem without requiring replacement headlights.
  • Engine Shampoo: Engine shampoo is an industrial-grade cleaning solution that removes dirt, debris, sludge, and other harmful buildup from your engine. It benefits those who frequently travel on dusty roads and off-road paths.
  • Side Mirror Replacement: If a car clipped your side mirror, you are probably looking for an immediate solution so your car is road-worthy. We keep inventory on hand, enabling our team to implement a quick fix.
  • Floor Mats: Dirty floor mats are unattractive and make a poor first impression. Get ready for a first date or a trip with your parents with a thorough cleaning – or replacement – of all your floor mats. It’s one of the easiest ways to revitalize your vehicle.
  • Wipers & Aquapel: New wipers are essential because they keep you safe while driving your vehicle. Aqualpel is an innovative rain-repellant glass treatment that makes it much easier to see during rainy conditions.
  • Rust Protection: Keeping your car free of rust is one of the best ways to ensure a great-looking vehicle. Our rust protection services help prevent this cosmetic issue, which if left unaddressed, can cause expensive detailing repairs.

Your Support of Our Company Impacts the Community

We pride ourselves on delivering quality products and outstanding workmanship to each of our customers. But as a company, we also strive to be a meaningful and positive part of our community. That’s why we are involved with numerous charities, ensuring our excellent work translates into helping community programs. By coming to us for all your miscellaneous vehicle needs, you can support worthy causes and make a difference. When you trust us with your vehicle needs, you are also partnering with us in supporting worthy causes and that makes a difference.

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