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Buying a New Car?
Check With Us and Save $$$

We offer similar products that dealerships sell, at a more affordable price. Ask us about our vehicle protection packages for your cars interior and exterior and protect your investment.


Rust Protection

We offer rust protection modules and rust inhibitor sprays. The rust protection module is a microprocessor that generates repetitive pulsing current reducing, reducing the oxidation of metals by up to 99.7%. From floorboards to above the window line, the current spreads to the little extra areas that most conventional products can’t reach like the roof, inside seams, and external sheet metal Rust Inhibitor Spray Protection This synthetic, waterproof product seals the vehicles inner body metal surfaces, stopping rust from the inside out. It is sprayed into the inner cavities and crevices, bonding to the metal.


Undercoat Protection

Saskatchewan roads, and the four seasons we have, put our vehicles undercarriage to a challenge. Our undercoat is specifically formulated to protect exposed high impact areas on the underbody of your vehicle. Enjoy a quieter ride with the sound reduction of multiple layers of undercoat.


Ceramic Paint Protection

Ceramic paint protection is a clear liquid coating that is applied by hand. Ceramic coating can increase a factory clear coat hardness by up to 50%. It is designed to permanently bond to the clear coating of your vehicle, protecting the paint from bugs, bird droppings, acid rain, industrial fallout, oxidation, and UV damage. Ceramic-coated vehicles are hydrophobic making it easier to clean.

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