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A Locally Owned & Family Run Business

6th Avenue Car Wash & Auto Glass has a long history of providing outstanding customer service to motorists, boat and RV owners, and more for their car wash needs. We offer a different take on self-serve car washes, something the community appreciates. Keeping your car clean is important; we strive to make it as easy as possible. Our bays are big enough to accommodate RVs, boats, trucks, semis, school buses, and skid steers, and we offer prepaid wash cards for repeat customers. Visit us today for a cleaner vehicle.

man using pressure washer

What Sets Us Apart From the Competition

We are dedicated to providing outstanding customer service to each vehicle owner who comes to our location for a car wash. Need help washing ….no problem. Maintain your independence and ask one of our car wash attendants for their assistance. Our employees provide expert advice at no extra charge. You can count on the professionalism and friendliness of our staff and the reliability and effectiveness of the equipment in our washing bays. We also provide commercial fleet programs, enabling companies to keep their vehicles clean with no hassle.

lady using pressure washer

Why Choose 6th Avenue Car Wash:

  • Deeply Invested in Our Community
  • Solid Reputation for Excellence
  • Washing assistance at no extra charge
  • Prepaid Wash Cards for Individuals and Businesses
  • Credit Card Payment option in each bay
  • Commercial Fleet Charge Account Services
  • Self-Serve Reverse Osmosis Water ($2.00/5 Gallon)

A Self-Serve Car Wash Is Better for Your Vehicle

Our self-serve car wash bays are perfect for vehicle owners who want complete control over their car wash experience. The cost and quality of a wand wash are unmatched, especially in Saskatchewan with the elements our vehicles are exposed to throughout the year. The value of a self-serve car wash includes the superior quality and excellence of a wand wash. No more complaining to the gas attendant that the expensive drive through wash missed the bugs or mud in your tires. No more spending an hour in that drive thru car wash line up feeling like you are trapped if you needed to leave. The next time you need to wash the grime off your car, truck, RV or Boat after a long, snowy winter, or a hot bug filled summer visit 6th Avenue Car Wash & Auto Glass.

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