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6th Avenue Car Wash & Auto Glass B2B Business Referral Partner Program

Our B2B Business Referral Partner Program is a great way for you earn passive income while growing your business by extending added value services to your existing client base.

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How It Works

When you sign up to become a Business Referral Partner, you will receive one of our Kiosk Tablets that will be setup by the cash register in your business. This tablet links directly with our customer system, and also provides you a way to track all your referred business, opportunities and earnings on your customers successful purchases. You will also be added into our google ad campaigns, and given a private landing page within the 6th Avenue Car Wash & Auto Glass website which will also help your businesses page ranking, be given access to track leads through our lead system and many other advertising perks & community events we take part in.

How Much Does It Cost?

We believe in referrals and the success our system can bring. To participate is completely free of charge but you must be a brick and mortar business to participate.

Partnerships Are Two Sided

When you Sign Up as a 6th Avenue Car Wash & Auto Glass Referral Partner, your business will also be showcased on our “15 touch-interactive wall mount digital screen. This means an opportunity to receive new customer leads for your business right from our show room! If an individual is interested in your particular service, they can send their contact information directly to you through our secure system.

No Heavy Installation Required

Our tablets run on wifi and are locked to our referral program, making them a secure device to have on any business network. Simply mount and turn on the device and that’s it. You can access your dashboard by logging in through the 6th Avenue Car Wash & Auto Glass Partner Portal.

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