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What Does #SHOPLOCAL Mean?

Our Program is Good For You, & Good For Our Community

When you shop at independent or local-to-you businesses, more money is kept within our community because local businesses often use or buy from local service providers, farms, and companies.

Help us be part of the solution! The multiplier effect is the boost to your local economy that results from locally-owned independent businesses, owners and employees spending business revenue within our community. Historically, a proven 48% return to the community occurs when you spend locally, versus a 13.6% return when shopping with retail chains.

What #SHOPLOCAL Means To Us

Shop local is a term that we should use year round.  It is a way of life that benefits the community with the choices we make.  It is really about the experiences that I have had l over the last 40 plus years and why I continue to shop local when I can.

I remember as a young girl the sights, sounds, smells and more importantly how these shops made me feel. It was the personalized service that Herschel Davidner gave to ensure you found the perfect gift for your Dad. It was the sparkle in the older ladies eyes at Carments jewellers when she knew you had found a special gift for your mom within your budget.  It was the smell of the building and the pie that you enjoyed at Kresge’s after a day of shopping local.  It was the pride of purchasing the perfect gift for the special man in your life wrapped in tissue paper that Ted Matheson adorned with his gold decal.  It was knowing Harold and Lillian would ask you how your in-laws were doing when you stopped for your groceries on the way to the field. It was the local girl working as a clerk as a summer student at the Medical Pharmacy. that tried to go above and beyond to give you the best service because I felt appreciative of the opportunity. Al Meyer knew my family, believed in me and how he wanted to support me in the pursuit of a career in pharmacy just as John Tarves did for him.

Shopping local is about being a customer’s top of mind store because of the experience that the store owner, and their staff have created over the years. Shopping local is a tradition that we should all think about. These choices help to ensure that our community continues to grow and so that local businesses can continue to give back to those that support them.

Shelley Gordon



Must have a locally owned brick and mortar business within the community of Prince Albert. 

Must have General working knowledge and 3 years direct experience of the automotive industry. 

Must  have a passion of providing the best customer experience. 

 1. Grow our customer base together 

2.  Provide added value services through Joint Venture

3.  Increase brand loyalty through participation of our shop local partner program

4. Increase brand awareness, increase your ROI

5. Branded website & partner portal  w/ all marketing support provided

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